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Ankle Support with Cross Strap

Ankle Support ideal for recovering ankle pains and strains.

Product Description

The Actesso Universal Ankle Support is ideal to aid in the healing of the ankle post-injury from sprains or strains, or to support the ankle when carrying out sporting activities including gym, tennis or boxing or simply to support the ankle whilst hiking, walking, running or playing sports such as football.

Who is this Ankle Support for?This Ankle Support can be used for ankle sprains or strains, but please consult your doctor if you are in any doubt. Ideal for both men and women.


This Ankle Support is a universal size.

How does it work?

This Ankle Support helps to alleviate pain caused through sprains or strains to the ankle region, and aid in the recovery by applying compression and supporting the whole ankle region. The adjustable straps help provide the perfect amount of support, while also remaining very comfortable.


- Helps alleviate pain caused through sprains or strains to the ankle

- Prevents further injury

- Supports weak muscles and ligaments

- Can easily be worn in most shoes or trainers

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