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Your wrist pain can occur from a wide array of different and unique conditions that must be treated with care and with a support crafted for your injury. Before ordering a wrist support, we strongly recommend that you are diagnosed by a medical professional on your condition, as this can alter what support is best suited for you.

Our catalogue is wide and varied. This article has been written to help you decide which of our supports is the best match for you and your condition. We aim to answer as many questions that our customers have asked so you can reduce your pain effectively, as soon as possible and without any complications.

Wrist Fracture

If you have a fractured wrist, you will want to keep the joint as stable as possible, so that the wrist can heal. For this condition we would advise that you get a support with a metal stay, that can be used to form a rigid hold and restrict movement. These supports are designed in a way that allows your wrist to rest on the metal bar and helps alleviate pressure from your wrist joint. Wear your support for sleeping, typing and any other day to day activity that you feel uncomfortable doing without additional support. Try to remove your brace when the wrist is in a neutral position and take regular breaks from wear.

Each wrist splint we have available is purpose-built for specific types of people. Please refer to the list below for more advice. Please click on the support's name to be redirected to the relevant product page for further information:

Advanced Black Wrist Support - Made from an antibacterial neoprene material, this support is perfect for eliminating odours, is soft allowing for additional comfort and the material allows for enhanced ventilation. Its black colour may be more suitable for the workplace .

Beige Neoprene Wrist Support - A more “incognito” support with a skin like beige colour.

Breathable Wrist Support - Built from an elasticated web-like material, this support grants added breathability for hot wrists. It is available in both black and beige for a subtle or professional look.

Elastic Wrist Support - This support is made from an elasticated tri-weave material and is thinner than our other supports. It has a lightweight design and is a great alternative product to the Advanced wrist support if you are allergic to neoprene.

Deluxe Wrist Support - Made from a soft, antibacterial neoprene, the Deluxe Wrist Support uses an additional hook and loop strap which grants additional restraint. Ideal for anyone who requires that extra support.

Stomatex Wrist Support - Made from a soft neoprene, the Stomatex has small domes over the surface of the material with perforations that grant additional breathability.


Our supports are designed to allow your wrist joint to rest post-injury, and therefore have been built to restrict the movement, making certain activities more difficult. Unfortunately, we must advise against any action that involves strenuous rotation, contraction and retraction of the wrist joint. With a Wrist Fracture, driving, high-intensity exercise and lifting should be avoided when possible to allow the wrist to heal faster. The metal stay inside our supports are adjustable in nature, adding to a more custom fit, but please ensure it is secure before undergoing any motion that requires stability in the wrists.


We always recommend that you hand wash and air dry your support regularly. This will prolong its lifetime, whereas cleaning via a washing machine may cause stretching and size deformations, reducing the effectiveness of your support.

When to Wear

We recommend you speak with your doctor for medical advice on when you should wear your wrist brace. Research suggests that wearing a splint for prolonged periods of time can cause rapid muscle wasting, so we recommend only wearing your support for the duration of your injury. Take breaks if required.

Length & Sizing

All our supports come at different lengths. If this is something that concerns you, please refer to the guide below.

Support Length (cm)
Advanced Black Wrist Support 16
Beige Neoprene Wrist Support 16.5
Breathable Wrist Support 19
Elastic Wrist Support 16
Deluxe Wrist Support 15.5
Stomatex Wrist Support 17

You will see that in all of our wrist splint listings we ask you for a wrist size to allow us to send you a more custom fit. Simply measure around the girth of your wrist and find the measurement in cm. If you land in between sizes, we suggest you choose the larger size as we can guarantee that the hook and loop fasten can be attached without exposing them to the skin.

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