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Product of the month- February 2016. 

 We’re very proud of our Advanced Wrist Support. It features every day in our out bound post, and is delivered to addresses across the world.

 We consistently receive outstanding comments on the Advanced Wrist support, for its light weight neoprene material which is both breathable and antibacterial, making it both practical and comfortable for wear in all sorts of situations.

 This NHS approved support is professionally designed to relieve many conditions, most commonly worn to alleviate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), as well as other conditions of the wrist and forearm e.g. sprains and strains.

 Our customers regularly tell us that they experience instant relief from their condition, and even with constant hand washing and air drying it returns to its pristine condition. So it’s clearly very durable.

 It’s currently competitively priced at £10.99 so is also great value. We have a product video for the Advanced Wrist support, so please take a look and see why we are so proud of our most popular support.

 If you’re a current user of this wrist it would be great to hear why you like it. Visit the Advanced Wrist support details on our website and add to our Reviews page.

Advanced Black Wrist Support

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