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Product Of The Month - July 2016

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Product Of The Month - July 2016. 

Stomatex Wrist Support Splint. 

Now just £9.99! 

  The Stomatex Wrist Support Splint is a lightweight, highly breathable and weatherproof material and the ideal choice for active people who need a high performance support for a variety of conditions. It has been designed in association with NHS Clinicians and is ideal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist fractures, wrist sprains, repetitive strain injuries and wrist tendonitis in the left or right hand. The metal stay keeps the wrist in slight extension, relieving the strain on the tendon and helping to reduce wrist pain. The material has numerous circular vapour chambers that wicks moisture away from the skin and regulates the skins temperature, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long. The adjustable straps allow for better comfort and support across your wrist.

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