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Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks

plantar fasciitis socks

Product Description

  • Compressive Comfort - Relieve pain and massage your heel with these warming socks. Enjoy the release from soreness and experience a pain-free night.
  • Additional Support - Keep everything sturdy and together the supportive nature of the sock's material. This also helps reduce your recovery time.
  • Reduce Inflammation - The warming nature of these socks help reduce inflammation in the area by improving blood circulation, accelerating the rate damage tissue is removed.
  • Get back to Living - The release of strain on the heel will enable you to get back to your day to day activities (within reason) and enjoy the small pleasure of life once again.


Arch circumference in centimeters

Size Arch Circ. (cm)
Small- Medium 19-26
Large- Extra Large 26-31

Technical Details

A/PF/SM/ACT 5060377666488 Small-Medium
A/PF/LXL/ACT 5060377666495 Large-Extra Large

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