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Frog Mallet Finger Support

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Product Description

This Frog Mallet Finger Splint is designed to immobillise the finger following injury such as a hard impact that may have caused disruption or tearing of its extensor tendon.This splint has a mouldable foam design to ensure it can be individually shaped to provide enhanced support and comfort whilst the finger naturally heals

  • 1 x Frog Mallet.
  • Provides protection and immobilisation whilst the finger heals.
  • Maintains both interphalangeal joints in natural functional position.
  • Can be folded to accommodate various finger sizes.
  • Made of foam laminated aluminum plate for optimum comfort.


Size: Approximate Length of your finger (cm)

Small 6 cm
Medium 7 cm 
Large 8 cm 

Technical Details

Material: Polyurethane100%, Amuminum 100%.

MPN Size Measurement
 F/FROG/S/ACT Small 6
 F/FROG/M/ACT Medium 7
 F/FROG/L/ACT Large 8

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