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Wrist Guard Support with Strap - Black & Beige

Alleviates pain caused by joint, muscle and tendon overuse and strain caused by repetitive movements and is ideal for Arthritis , Repetitive Strains, Sprains, or general Sports injury to the hand or forearm.
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Product Description

The Neoprene Wrist Guard with Strap is ideal for joint, muscle and tendon overuse as well as wrist sprains, strains, Repetitive Strain Injury, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Wrist Tendinitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Offers high level of support and allows full movement in the wrist. The guard is ideal for for sports such as tennis, golf and cycling where full movement of the wrist is essential. Available for the left or right hand. Provides circumferential compression to the wrist without restricting movement. Allowing you the support and flexibility you need!

  • Adjustable strap allows you to add extra compression,  providing a higher level of support

  • Ideal for anyone looking for high levels of support who need to retain complete flexibility of the wrist that can not be obtained with wrists that include metal palmar bars, whether for work or play

  • Sizing- simply measure your wrist circumference and choose one of the sizes in the drop down box above

  • Helps alleviate pain caused by joint, muscle and tendon overuse and strain caused by repetitive movements. Ideal for Arthritis, Wrist Sprains, Tendinitis, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Repetitive strain and wrist pain are common occurrences among sports such as bowling, golf, cycling and tennis

  • This support is ideal for those who are looking for high levels of support from their wrist brace but who need to retain the full motion of their wrist, which is not possible with traditional wrist supports that include metal palmar bars

  • Brand: Actesso Medical Supports

  • Material: Neoprene

  • Made in: UK

  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash and air dry only


Measure your wrist circumference in centimetres and use the following guide to get the correct size.

Small-Medium 13-15 cm
Medium-Large 15-18 cm 
Large- Extra Large 18-22 cm 

Technical Details

MPN UPC Size Measurement Colour
W/BK/NPGR/SL/ACT/ 5060377665115 Small - Medium Left Black
W/BK/NPGR/SR/ACT/ 5060377665122 Small - Medium Right Black
W/BK/NPGR/ML/ACT/ 5060377665139 Medium - Large Left Black
W/BK/NPGR/MR/ACT/ 5060377665146 Medium - Large Right Black
W/BK/NPGR/XLL/ACT/ 5060377665153 Extra Large Left Black
W/BK/NPGR/XLR/ACT/ 5060377665160 Extra Large Right Black
W/BG/NPGR/SL/ACT 5060377662398 Small - Medium Left Beige
W/BG/NPGR/SR/ACT 5060377662381 Small - Medium Right Beige
W/BG/NPGR/ML/ACT 5060377662404 Medium - Large Left Beige
W/BG/NPGR/MR/ACT 5060377662411 Medium - Large Right Beige
W/BG/NPGR/XLL/ACT 5060377664637 Extra Large Left Beige
W/BG/NPGR/XLR/ACT 5060377662435 Extra Large Right Beige

Other Details

Wrist Injury:
Wrist Sprain
Wrist Injury:
Wrist Tendonitis
Wrist Injury:
Repetitive Strain Injury
Metal Bar:

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