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Blue Neoprene Thigh Support

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Product Description

Actesso Blue Neoprene Thigh Support

Who is this support for?

This Thigh Support can be used for supporting and preventing injuries to the thigh, groin, and hamstring, including bruising, sprains and strains, muscle tears, and sporting injuries.


This Thigh Support comes in four different sizes from small to extra large, please select your size at the top of this page. The simple pull-on design makes this support easy to apply, and the different sizes give this support a more personal fit than one-size universal supports. Measure around the mid-section of the thigh in centimetres:

Small: 45-51 cm. Medium: 51-56 cm. Large: 56-63 cm. Extra Large: 63-70 cm.

How does it work?

When wearing this thigh support the compressive support provides stabilisation and pain relief to the thigh during activity and to prevent further injury. The heat retaining properties of the high quality neoprene also help speed up the healing process by increasing blood flow, and helps provide relief for pain caused by injury.


- Compression thigh support for thigh bruising, sprains or slight pain

- Ideal for sporting injuries

- Provides stabilisation and pain relief to the thigh during activity and to prevent further injury

- Anatomical shape to fit physically

- High quality neoprene retains body heat in the affected area, speeding up the healing process

Technical Details

Small W/GRST/S/ACT 5060377665627
Medium TG/BLNP/M/ACT 5060377661919
Large TG/BLNP/L/ACT 5060377661926
Extra Large TG/BLNP/XL/ACT 5060377664316

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