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Dual Thumb Support Splint for hand – Arthritis Aid Pain Relief Spica for Tendonitis, de quervain's tenosynovitis and RSI

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Product Description

Actesso Dual Thumb Splint

Making use of dual splints, three compression straps and elastic neoprene, the Actesso Dual Thumb Splint is an all in one package solution to your thumb injury. Whether you are suffering from De Quarvain's tendonitis, RSI or arthritis, this support is sure to help relieve pain and accelerate your recovery.

When suffering from a condition in your thumb, many can find it arduous to do even the most basic of daily activities. The splint woven into this support helps partially immobilise the thumb, reducing strain on the joints and applying a gentle compression which allows any temporary injuries the heal faster.

When wearing this support, you will be able to undergo your daily routine with less strain, meaning activities such as cooking and cleaning no longer puts additional strain on your injury.

Technical Details

Size/ Hand MPN UPC
Universal / Left T/BON/L/ACT 5060377666969

Universal / Right T/BON/R/ACT 5060377666976

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