Restore your sleep routine with our CTS wrist splints.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can disrupt your peaceful slumber, but our wrist splints have come to the rescue. They help you to maintain a neutral wrist position, alleviating nerve pressure and preventing night-time wrist contortions. Say farewell to CTS-related sleep woes and hello to restful nights and improved well-being.

Applies a Gentle Compression

By tightly hugging the wrist joint, our supports massage the affected region, allowing increased blood flow, aiding in recovery.

Immobilises at the Optimal Angle

By holding the wrist in a 15 degree angle, the least amount of strain is applied to the wrist tendons which allows for effective pain relief.

Reduces Risk of Further Injury

By immobilising the wrist joint with a metal splint, you're less likely to move your wrist in a way that causes pain or further damage.