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Environmental Policy

A greener way of working

Actesso is committed to minimising our impact on both the local and global environment. We aim to work sustainably and play our part in making this planet a better place to live by taking steps towards being greener.

A recent step includes a more environmentally-friendly approach to the way we package our products. Packaging plays a pivotal role here at Actesso - that's because our clients buy from us either over the telephone or through the website, so every one of our products needs to be packaged before it's posted.

So we now package our wrist supports, and other smaller support products, in high-strength biodegradable plastic bags which can degrade along with industrial compost.

And we've changed the envelopes we use too. We now use 100% recyclable blue envelopes which are not only bright and colourful but they're better for the environment. These C5 envelopes are used to package a host of Actesso products including finger supports, elbow supports, wrist supports and ankle supports.

There's potential to expand our use of biodegradable and recyclable packaging, so we plan to review the packaging we use in the near future.

The Actesso Team