Who can claim VAT Exemption Relief on purchases? 

Eligible Individuals: If you are chronically sick or disabled and the products are for your personal use. 'Chronic' meaning lasting a long time.

Eligible Charities: Where the goods are made available by the charity to a disabled person for their personal or domestic use.

 The government requires that you complete a VAT Exemption declaration form. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods or services zero-rated for VAT you should consult:

HM Revenue and Customs Notice 701/7 VAT relief's for disabled people Notice 701/7 VAT relief's for disabled people 

Or contact HM Revenue and Customs National Advice Service on 0845 010 9000 before signing the declaration.
It may not always be possible for a disabled person to sign a declaration (for example, if the person is a child or unable to write). In such cases, the signature of a parent, guardian, doctor or another responsible person is acceptable on the declaration.



 VAT declaration form available here


If placing your order online: Please create an account online and fill in and return the VAT exemption form to us. Please return your completed form to our address, or alternatively send a scanned copy to: info@actesso.co.uk. Once we have received this we will be able to mark your account as VAT exempt. 


If placing your order over the phone: Please complete and return the form to us either by post or emailing a scanned copy, before calling us to place your order. We can then put your order through with no VAT charged.