Actesso Silicone Gel Heel Protector

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  • The durable heel protection provides comfortable compression for anyone suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. The cushioned silicone can also prevent and repair cracked heel it can also help absorb shock, alleviating pain from Achilles Tendonitis.
  • For everyday footwear – simply slide the heel protector onto your foot and it will feel instantly comfortable whether you are wearing socks, shoes, stockings, heels, trainers or boots. The non-slip design allows the heel protector to stay in place during day to day activities and the breathable air holes help to keep the foot cool and fresh.
  • The super comfy material of the Silicone Gel Heel Protector means that you can use them while  travelling by aeroplane or any other kind of long distance travelling. The breathable light weight silicone design means that you can also wear them while sleeping.
  • Washable: The Silicone Gel Heel Protector can be rinsed using warm water keeping the product clean and bacteria free.

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