Metatarsal Foot Sleeves & Compression Pad

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• PAIN RELIEF: The Actesso metatarsal pads are the perfect support for your feet. If you're suffering from any pain from unaligned or crooked toes and bunions then this support cushion is built for you.

• COMFY CUSHIONING: The padding helps spread your metatarsal heads by creating more space for your interdigital nerves and blood vessels. This helps repair and reduce pain in the region.

• PRACTICAL USE: Wear these over your normal socks and place the pad just behind the toes where you feel the pain. You will have no issue wearing this product with your normal shoes.

• BUILT FOR ALL: Great for a number of conditions such as metatarsalgia, neuroma, blisters and calluses. The perfect foot and toe support for everyday use.

• HIGH QUALITY: Built from an elasticated material, the product maximises comfort and flexibility. Designed to fit seamlessly into your day without interruption.


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