Sports Elastic Green Ankle Support with Wrap Around Strap


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The Actesso Elastic Ankle Strap is the ideal support to aid in the healing of the ankle post-injury from sprains or strains, or to support the ankle when carrying out sporting activities including gym, tennis or boxing. This Ankle Support helps to alleviate pain caused through sprains or strains to the ankle region, and aid in the recovery by applying compression and supporting the whole ankle region. The adjustable straps help provide the perfect amount of support, whilst remaining very comfortable.




  • EXCELLENT SUPPORT: Supports ankle during sports & aids recovery post-injury from sprain or strains
  • PAIN RELIEF: Gentle compression supports entire ankle, reducing pain & aiding recovery
  • EXTRA SUPPORT: The adjustable cross strap provides a higher level of support than standard supports
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and BREATHABLE: Elastic material for comfort and support. Pull on & fits most shoes
  • EASY SIZING: Fits left or right ankle. Available in Small, Medium, Large (See picture)

Please note: When attaching the hook and loop fastening at the end of each strap, please ensure the hook and loop is attached to the straps themselves, and not the material of the support

- Helps alleviate pain caused through sprains or strains to the ankle

- Prevents further injury and supports weak muscles and ligaments

- Can easily be worn in most shoes and easy to adjust on the go

- Elastic material provides comfort and support


This Ankle Support is available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large, to provide a more custom fit than one-size supports. Just measure above your ankle with a tape measure, and select your size in the drop-down box at the top of this page. This support can be used on both the left and right ankle, and is usually delivered in 1-3 working days.

Small 16-20 cm
Medium 20-24 cm 
Large 24-28 cm 

Material 65% nylon, 25% latex, 10% spandex.

Small A/GRST/S/ACT 5060377665719
Medium A/GRST/M/ACT 5060377665696
Large A/GRST/L/ACT 5060377665702
Extra Large A/GRST/XL/ACT 5060377666921

Material: 65% Nylon, 25% Latex, 10% Spandex

Safety Information: These devices are meant to come into contact with unbroken skin only, are intended for a single patient, and are reusable. Please consult your doctor if you are sensitive to neoprene or any other material listed in the "material composition" details box. After the first use, we recommend removing the support after one hour use to ensure that you are not sensitive to any materials used in the product. Do not wear with any creams or other substances that could react with the material. Do not use if you are allergic or have rubber allergy based sensitive skin. If the brace is too tight, we recommend exchanging the product for a better fit. Tight fitting can affect blood circulation and cause discomfort. The straps should overlap the material and the underside should not be exposed to the skin as this could cause scratching or skin irritation. The devices are simple to fit and function well if the instructions for use are followed.

How to clean: Hand wash and air dry the support regularly to maintain hygiene and avoid the build-up of bacteria in the region.


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