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Actesso Arthritis Pain Relief Gloves – Arthritic Compression Support for Hands for Day & Night

The Actesso Compression Gloves for Arthritis Joint Pain Stiffness
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Product Description

Gloves for Arthritis & Inflammatory Diseases

If you suffer from arthritis these gloves help relieve your pain and stiffness by applying a gentle compression across the hand, helping ease some of the symptoms of your condition. The gloves help insulate your hands, improving blood circulation which helps promote recovery and reduce swelling in the joints.

Try wearing these gloves at night. You will notice the benefits mostly if you leave them on for 8 hours or longer. If you only wear them for an hour here and there it is unlikely you will notice and significant improvements. If you suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome, please contact your doctor before using this product as arthritis gloves can worsen your CTS symptoms.

This product is available in Small, Medium & Large. Measure the circumference of your hand and consult the size guide below to determine your size.

Small: 16 – 18 cm

Medium: 18 – 20 cm

Large: 20 – 22 cm

Technical Details

G/GRAR/S/ACT Small 5060377666938
G/GRAR/M/ACT Medium 5060377666945
G/GRAR/L/ACT Large 5060377666952

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