Neoprene Weightlifting & Cycling Gloves


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  • Padded neoprene palm grips - Reduce friction to the hand and prevent calluses from appearing, and ensure you get a full pump every repetition
  • Breathable perforations - Keep cool during your workout with these gloves. Small perforations within the material help ventilate heat and reduce sweat build up.
  • Variable Activities - Designed to aid with an array of different sports and activities. These gloves can help with weight lifting, cycling and resistance training.
  • Custom Sizing - Available in small, medium and large. Follow the size guide to find your fit. Simply measure the length of your palm. Small: 8 - 10 cm, Medium 10 - 12 cm, 12 - 14 cm.
MPN Size Colour EAN
G/BL/NEO/S/ACT Small Blue 5060377666426
G/BL/NEO/M/ACT Medium Blue 5060377666433
G/BL/NEO/L/ACT Large Blue 5060377666440

G/PK/NEO/S/ACT Small Pink 5060377666600
G/PK/NEO/M/ACT Medium Pink 5060377666617
G/PK/NEO/L/ACT Large Pink 5060377666624

G/GY/NEO/S/ACT Small Grey 5060377666631
G/GY/NEO/M/ACT Medium Grey 5060377666648
G/GY/NEO/L/ACT Large Grey 5060377666655


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