Gavin's Yukon Arctic Ultra Challenge 2017

31st Jan 2017

Actesso Medical Supports is very pleased and proud to sponsor a local hero, Gavin Clark, on his epic voyage around the Yukon Territories on nothing more than a bicycle! Gavin is a great ambassador and intrepid adventurer where most other mere mortals would fear to walk, let alone pedal, whilst simultaneously coping with unpredictable wildlife and challenging winter weather.

We are delighted Gavin selected Actesso to be a sponsor and it is a thrill to know our emblem is being bravely displayed in that beautiful, if seasonally inhospitable part of the world.

Gavin’s charities - BLESMA and The Oakley Waterman Foundation - are prime choices and we are very pleased to contribute to them on Gavin’s behalf.

Gavin, we wish you the very best of good fortune and will follow your extraordinary voyage on social media.