How to keep a positive mental attitude while injured

Posted by Jack Tanner on 28th Feb 2018

Struggling to keep that smile? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

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Being injured sucks... Let's not dance around the fact; any kind of debilitating condition can restrict you from doing the things you love and the pain can put a huge dampener on your positive mental attitude. Injuries can push the most bubbly and joyful people into a state of sorrow and self-pity, so if you are feeling down remember you're experiencing a perfectly normal response to your condition and you are not alone.

It needn't ruin your life any longer, however! In this entry to our blog, we'll be discussing all the techniques we can think of to turn that frown upside down and start thinking positive! From connecting with nature to spending a little time with friends, there are countless ways to distract you from any pain and to open your mind to what you can do, rather than focusing on what you can't!

So let's stop prancing around this introduction and get into the nitty gritty!

If you can, get outside!

If you're feeling low, a good way to help improve your mood is to do a little exercise. It needn't be intense, we're not expecting you to head over to the gym and start lifting weights! A leisurely walk in nature can have a spectacular effect on your mood, with the release of endorphins (happy chemicals) flowing through your system you're sure to feel a little better. So if you live near a beach, park or nature reserve, spend a little time wandering. Just getting out can have a huge impact, so give it a go!

If your condition allows, and you have some spare energy reserves to burn, even consider a light run in the morning for a quick spike of joy before the day begins.

Stay Mentally Active!

If you can't get outside, mental activity can be just as rewarding. Think of something you have wanted to do but have not had the time for prior to your injury. Learn a new skill. Perhaps start writing a book, or take up painting. You never know, this could be the time for you to discover a new natural talent that's been hidden away! Try to think of something productive you can do that could help contribute to your personal development, so by the time you have healed you have gained something you didn't have before!

Be consciously aware of how your condition is improving. Remember, every day that passes is another day closer to recovery. Your body is a wonderful machine and will work tirelessly to repair any damage that has been caused to it. So all you need to worry about is keeping positive and pushing through!

Stick to a Routine.

If you are off from work or school you should come up with a routine to help keep you sprightful. Include things like waking up early, go for a walk, do some chores etc. Be sure to include some activities that you enjoy doing as a reward for your continued effort! Veer away from watching TV or being on the computer too long as this can demotivate you and dull your positive spirit!


I bet you saw this one coming! You've probably heard it a million times before, but having a consistent, balanced diet will not only improve your mood in the long run but will also improve your recovery rate by supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to repair any damage. Folic Acid, Iron and Thiamine are vitamins that are strongly linked to improved mood and can be found in foods such as leafy greens, citrus fruit and brown rice. The intake of these nutrients will increase energy levels and reduce depression.

Don't Forget to Treat Yourslef.

This may sound a little contradictory to our statements on nutrition, but having a small treat when you’re injured can give you a quick boost! Have one day where you go all out guilt free! Buy your favourite food and watch your favourite movie! It's all in moderation, so feel free to have a jolly every now and then if you feel you deserve it.


We are pack animals by nature, not lone wolves. Since the time of the Neanderthals we have been social creatures and we benefit hugely by surrounding ourselves with others, especially those who are close to us. Invite some friends or family around, organise some games or activities and get lost in the joys of human interaction.

Reduce Stress.

This one is pretty obvious, but still, we should discuss ways of reducing stress. The hormones involved interfere with the body's mechanisms used to remove damaged tissue and impair the movement of white blood cells to the site of the injury, so it’s crucial you remain in a relaxed state.

Avoid the intake of any caffeine or nicotine as these are stimulants and will contribute to your stress levels which can lead to deprived sleep. The consumption of refined sugars that can be found in many manufactured foods can lead to energy crashes that can make you feel tired and will leave you in an irritable mood.

Meditation can also help relax the body. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on deep breaths for 5 minutes. Don't allow your mind to wander and pay attention to the rhythm of your breathing. There is a plethora of online guides and apps that can help guide you through the art of meditation if you feel you could do with some additional guidance. According to notes from Stanford University researcher Emma Seppälä, meditation allows people to take charge of their own nervous system and emotions, so it can't hurt to give it a go!

Pain Relief.

If you are looking to reduce any pain you may be suffering from, perhaps consider treating yourself to a support to help alleviate any pressure from your injury. There are a variety of sleeves, braces and straps available on our website that have all been purpose built for specific injuries. Feel free to browse our catalogue for your injury and get the right support for you!

So there you have it! Give these suggestions a go and see if you start feeling better! Take a slow walk, get home and do something productive! Eat a healthy meal with some friends! If it all goes well, treat yourself to something nice. Remember to be open-minded when trying out these techniques, a closed mind is already defeated!

Good luck!