Actesso's wrist supports pack a punch in the Telegraph

2nd Mar 2016

Actesso's wrist supports pack a punch in the Telegraph. 

Readers of a leading online newspaper are singing the praises of Actesso's wrist supports. The Telegraph online's health advice section has featured two separate endorsements of the wrist supports: one in the weekly health column and the other in the monthly online clinic. 

wrist support

A reader who suffered from nocturnal wrist pain wrote in saying he'd purchased an Actesso wrist support, which he wears nightly, and the pain has stopped. 

In a separate piece, Dr James Le Fanu, a GP and the Telegraph's health advisor, writes that several readers who may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have reported finding relief from wrist pain thanks to our wrist supports. 

Michael Cox, Managing Director at Actesso, said, "Customers who were placing an order told us that they'd found the wrist supports through the Telegraph online. When we looked into it we were delighted to discover they'd been mentioned not once, but twice

"This exposure has not only increased sales of the wrist supports but it's been great to hear how they are making a difference to the lives of our customers and how effective they are. We're also extremely pleased that Actesso's profile has been given a boost by featuring in such a respected and well-known online newspaper," added Michael. 

To read the Telegraph online's coverage of the wrist supports, please click here: