Director Braves Ice Bucket Challenge for Animal Charity

1st Feb 2016

Director Braves Ice Bucket Challenge for Animal Charity

12-11-2014 - One of Actesso's daring Directors accepted a nomination to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge - the fundraising phenomenon that's swept across social media.

Although initially reluctant to accept the nomination from his university friend, he decided to embrace the challenge but not without firstly nominating other friends and family to brave the bucket themselves.

The charity he chose to support was the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) due to his love of animals. And when the moment of truth came, he didn't disappoint: he picked up a bucket filled with ice water and poured it over his head while standing in his back garden.

He wasn't alone in his chilly challenge however as a friend had also been nominated, so they faced the ice together.

Every single second of the Ice Bucket Challenge was captured on film by his friends and uploaded to Facebook.

Despite being doused in icy water, he believes his courageous act was worth it for a good cause: "It was great to do something for such an important charity."

He will now make a monthly donation to the WWF, which is committed to conserving nature and reducing the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on earth.