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Ultra Elastic Wrist Support

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Product Description

Why This Support

The Ultra Tri Wrist Support helps to reduce wrist pain and discomfort from Carpal Tunnel, Fractures, Sprains, Wrist Pain and Repetitive Strain. Thanks to the metal splint, this support can help to relieve wrist pain day or night and is particularly suitable for night use for conditions such as Carpal Tunnel.

No longer be restricted by your condition while at work and at home with the added assistance from this support. Get back to your favourite hobbies, and even everyday activities such as writing, typing and cooking become available to you again without the anguish of your ailment holding you back!

Wake up refreshed

Many people who suffer from conditions such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome experience anguish while trying to sleep. This support is built with your night in mind, this product keeps your wrist rigid in the neutral position, removing the distress of movement during sleep. Rest assured that our brace has your pain covered and you will wake up revitalised!

About Us

Hello! We are Actesso, we are a team of passionate people working in an established and growing business proudly offering an extensive choice of high-performance supports for a varied range of medical conditions and sports-related injuries.

Having a debilitating condition, permanent or temporary, should never stop you from doing the things you love, and we want to provide you with the support you need to keep pressing on.

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