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Weightlifting Gloves with strap

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Product Description

  • Padded Protection - Relieve your hands from the intense friction of weight lifting. These padded gloves provide protection against calluses and skin trauma from training bare handed.
  • Wrist Support - Lift more and lift safer. Utilising an integrated wrist strap, pressure will be relieved from the wrist, so you can lift more weight and isolate your exercises.
  • Breathable Design - A ventilated design keeps the glove breathable which dramatically reduces sweat build-up while working out.
  • Circular Grip - Embossed circular grips improves the hold while weight training which helps you maintain a full range of motion without the dumbbell/barbell slipping during repetitions.
  • Easily Removable - protruding fabric tabs make the gloves easy to remove after workouts.

Custom Sizing 

Ensure you receive the correct sized glove by following the size guide below. Use a tape measure or ruler to determine the width of your upper palm in centimetres. Please see the image at the top of this listing for reference. Small - 7-8 cm. Medium - 8-9 cm. Large - 9-10 cm Select your size from the drop-down menu at the top.


Technical Details

G/SKY/S/ACT Small 5060377666532
G/SKY/M/ACT Medium 5060377666457
G/SKY/L/ACT Large 5060377666464

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